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The Pros and Cons of Contract Hire


There have been quite a few reports in the papers and journals recently in the rise in popularity of Contract Hire.  For people who do not have an attachment to their cars, this is a good way to have the use of a car without actually owning it and thus they are able to change their cars every 2/3 or 4 years depending on the agreement.  There is also a product called Personal Contract Hire (PCH) which is available to individuals.  However, before you go down the Contract Hire route there are a few pros and cons to think about:   



Would Personal Contract Hire (PCH) help senior citizens?


Senior citizens are usually on a fixed monthly income and may not wish to have the hassle of owning a car.  As in our previous blog on the pros and cons of contract hire, many of the pros are highly positive for senior citizens, such as being able to change the car every 2 or 3 years.  As people age, their wish to drive bigger, more powerful cars may diminish, personal contract hire can help by being able to change the car more frequently, without the hassle of selling the current car and finding a new car.  We can help as our contract hire cars are picked up from your address and a new car can be delivered the same day.  

5 Things That Will Help You Sell Your Car

  1. Clean your car thoroughly inside and out.  This will add about 5% to the price of a used car. 
  2. Use on-line sites like Autotrader to get a good indication of what your car is worth - be realistic.
  3. Take photos of both the outside and inside of your car.  Use at least 2 images (this has double the click rate compared to adverts with no photos).
  4. Check and top up oil and water if necessary, don't forget the windscreen washer bottle and check that your tyre pressures are correct. 
  5. Lastly make sure all the paperwork is correct and organised so the buyer can examine it.  If you only have a short MOT it is probably worth getting a new one.


An Alternative Funding Solution for Purchasing Goods


A relatively new product has come onto the financial market which allows buyers and sellers of goods to trade through an online finance platform.  If you are looking to purchase goods from the UK or Abroad, this may be for you. 

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